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Danses en couple, cercle, contra ou mixer
16 steps-couple
7 times 2 -anglais- - int partner.docx
7 times 2 -anglais- - int partner
a country high - nov
a country high - nov -autre-
adventure 45 -1 page- - nov
adventure 45 - nov
adventure of a lifetime - deb
against the grain cercle mixer -t and c-
all to myself - nov
as good as i once was - nov
back in town - int
back in town -chorèe pc mars 2019- - int
back to the bar - int
bandera -dj dan and winnie miller- -partner- - int
bare partner -site mirande-
be my girl -partner-
big blue note -partner-
big love partner
big one -partner-
billy cant read - deb partner
billy dance -partner-
boyfriend of the year -partner-
bush party - nov
bush party -gudrun schneider- -ang- - nov
candy -linda sansoucy- -partner-
capital letters - int line
capital letters -ang- - int
cards on the table - nov
celtic duo - int
celtic eagles -original, 3 pages- - int
celtic eagles -remis en page, 3 pages- - int
charleston bump -partner-
cheeseburger -partner-
cheri cheri lady - int -juin 2018-
cherry for two -partner-
chuck and cowboy - int facile
clear isabel - deb
close encounters -partner mixer-
cloud 9 - nov
coconut cha partner
cotton eyed joe-couple -cercle mixer-
cotton eyed joe mixer
cowboy mixer -partner-
damn - nov
dancing cowboy -partner mixer-
darlin -partner-
day of the dead - int
designated drinker -partner-
desirable -chrystel durand- - deb
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